How to Charge Your Tria Laser

The TRIA laser hair removal system runs on a battery.  Unfortunately, the unit cannot be used while plugged into an outlet. When you receive the TRIA laser, you must charge it for a minimum of three hours before using it the first time.   And after using the laser, it is a good idea to go ahead and plug it right in so the laser system will be ready to use the next time.  The instructions for use that come with the TRIA laser hair removal system do tell you that it is okay to keep the laser plugged in for an extended period of time.  (I do always unplug it if I pass by where I’m charging it and it is fully charged)

So what’s involved in charging the TRIA laser?  You simply connect the batter charger and plug it into a wall.  Very easy.  The lights on the handle of the unit flash as it is charging.  The lights stay completely green when the laser is full charged.  When it is charging in regular mode, the fan runs.  You can hear it turning on and off, which is actually pretty loud.  Sounds like an airplane taking off!  Although obviously it’s not really that loud.  The charging really disturbed my husband when the bathroom door was open, so I charge the laser in the guest bathroom now with the door closed.

You can charge the TRIA laser in quiet mode, which turns off the fan.  The trade-off is that it takes eight hours to charge without the fan running.

Next post I’ll talk about my experience using the TRIA laser at-home hair removal system for the first time.

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